Leo & BaaBaa
“ Cute Animals by Day, Peace Keepers by Night.”
Leo & BaaBaa help their fellow zoo mates to navigate life and live peaceably with each other by imparting biblical wisdom and demonstrating the love of Jesus.
After all, if a lion and a lamb can be best buds and get along, they may be worth listening to.
From their super secret hidden command center which sits on top of the visitor center right in the middle of the zoo which makes it not so super or secret or hidden, Leo & BaaBaa are able to keep an eye on everything.  With high tech surveillance equipment that consists of tablets, video cameras and cell phones they borrowed from the lost and found along with a lot of duct tape from the maintenance shed, they’re ready at a moments notice.
A blend of 2D animation with a "clay" look and feel along with backgrounds that combine Illustration and real world elements give Leo & BaaBaa a unique appearance.
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